Mindful walking

Mindful Walking – How To Practice It & Its Benefits

Walking is an activity that everyone performs every day. But to make it mindful, we must do it with intention and purpose. Walking is an excellent way to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, and it has been used as a meditative approach for a very long period. Walking is a  therapeutic activity that, when done with acknowledgment, brings mindfulness. The benefits of having a good walk daily are numerous, but we can also double them by including mindfulness in it.  Mindful walking is a straightforward yet beneficial activity for our mental and physical well-being.  

Incorporating mindful walking into our lifestyle will bring us a lot of benefits. From better mental health to being more physically fit and active, it covers all aspects of our life. Several studies have shown that incorporating mindfulness and meditation in our lifestyles can be highly beneficial in the long run for both our mind and body.  

Benefits of mindful walking

Instead of sitting with our eyes closed, mindful walking is an active practice to keep us consciously aware and moving in the environment. It is a convenient and comfortable form of meditation that can be especially beneficial for beginners or anyone who prefers a more active form of this practice. The benefits that follow with mindful walking are numerous. Following are some pointers to give you a  heads up on how mindful walking benefits your body and soul.  

1) Knowing your body

We live in a world where different perceptions have been made about our bodies. Such perceptions affect our opinions towards our bodies. That is why mindful walking is significant to take charge of your body and feel confident in it. Mindful walking helps in forming a healthy relationship between our mind and body. We get to know what’s good for our bodies and what changes we need to make towards a better lifestyle for a healthy mind and body.  

2) Clearing your mind

Taking a mindful walk is an excellent activity for taking a break from everything and relaxing. You can take this time to sort your thoughts and have a clear vision.  Whether the reason is work or any personal issue, a mindful walk can help you get a better and clear perspective of the situation. This way, you are capable of making yourself more rational.

3) Better overall health

A good walk can not only provide you with physical health benefits,  but it can also improve your mental health. When you take a mindful walking session, you take steps towards better physical and psychological health. The health benefits of mindful walking are uncountable.  

4) Improved concentration

The distraction while doing mindful walking is the most as compared to other mindfulness practices. This allows you to train your mind to be focused on the moment you’re living in. With all the different distractions around, you pull yourself together again and again to the activity you’re doing. With regular practice and consistency, you will perform this activity with minimum to zero distractions. You will be more concentrated and focused throughout your day.  

5) Connection with the environment

In our busy schedules and lifestyles, we forget to pay attention to the things around us. Performing mindful walking will help you reconnect to your surroundings and nature. When we practice staying in the present, we focus more on our surroundings and their contributions to our daily lives.  

How to practice mindful walking

To put it simply, mindful walking involves synced movement between your body and mind. Being conscious and aware are two of the most important aspects of mindful walking. Unlike other mindfulness practices, walking is something that makes your health better by contradictory means. It helps you find concentration among the distractions. It makes you see the peace within the chaos. You can practice mindful walking in any way you want. There are no barriers to mindfulness and walking. As long as you are moving towards your progress, you’re doing everything right. Here are some strategies you can adopt for mindful walking.  

1) Notice how your body feels when you start walking

Pay attention to how each of your muscles is reacting to this activity. Learn what postures are comfortable for you. Take notice of the speed at the last minute.  

2) Focus on your breath

Feel how your breath changes with each step. Notice every inhale and exhale with each action you take. Try to feel the air traveling through your body as you move.  Keep walking at a comfortable speed and breathe calmly.  

3) Take it one thing at a time

Begin with your eyes and see the surroundings. Take notice of the things and people around you. Moving on, listen to what noises there are in the environment. Next, feel how your skin feels when the air touches it. Take in the smell of your surroundings. Connect to the environment through your senses.  

4) Get to know the physical sensations 

Notice how your body feels when you have picked up the pace. Observe the changes going on inside and outside of your body.  • Acknowledge the distractions. You don’t need to ignore the things that come between your focus. You need to notice them and come back to yourself.  


When it comes to mindfully doing anything, we need to be consistent with the practice. Even when we do not feel like showing up, we need to remember why we started. Self-motivation is one of the most critical factors in continuing with mindful walking. It would help if you also remembered that your mind and body are working for your well-being 24\7. By keeping yourself healthy, you can make everything around you much better. 

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