8 Techniques to Help You Rediscover Your Calm Amidst The Chaos

Life as it is, comes with a bunch of challenges. Adding on to this, is how it is full of uncertainties. You may have it all organized, down to the very last detail. Yet, there still exists a real chance that things may take an unexpected turn.

When the things in your life, one by one, start turning into something you hadn’t anticipated, you may start feeling like you are descending into chaos. That, slowly, everything is getting out of your hands. That, like from that dog on the laptop meme, everything around you is literally on fire. And when you are expected to go about your work/school/college as if nothing has happened, it only makes it worse. It becomes easy to feel lost and helpless. 

Dealing with life requires you to stay calm and retain your composure at all times. Especially, when life is hauling an event after another to try and derail you. Here are 8 strategies to help you remain unfazed in the face of chaos.

  1. Take things one day at a time
    The chaos around you can be overwhelming. If you are feeling overwhelmed, try taking things one day at a time. When you have a 100 things to do, you are not going to get them done if you keep thinking “Oh, I have all this work that I need to get done”. Start with one and give it all you have. Then take on the next.

    Make a very simple task list that does not intimidate you. Even as minor as a task may seem, add it and get it done. Try to complete all the tasks on your list for the day and start the next day anew. Attune your mind to have a ‘One day at a time’ mindset and tell yourself that today is all you need to get through.

  2. Disconnect yourself to reconnect
    Sometimes, your surroundings can wear you down. It may even be your dream job that you are employed at, but there are bound to be some phases where you are tired of it. It may feel like too much and you may want to step away. Away from that circumstance for a while.

    If you feel so, do not underestimate what you are feeling. Take that as a legitimate signal that you need to take a break. Breaks are very healthy. Think of it as restarting your router when your Wi-Fi is acting up. You unplug it and plug it later, giving it some time to perform again. The same goes with your brains and your body as well. You can’t keep pushing, indefinitely. If you want to grow, take breaks when you need them. Don’t think of breaks as setbacks, but as healthy periods of recuperation that you deserve to continue reaching greater heights.

  3. Create a routine and stick to it
    Monotony may be boring. But when everything seems to be in disorder, this may exactly be what you need. Try to look for some stability from yourself. Look where you can have things staying fixed in your life. Draw up a routine that you think you can stick to and try to keep to it.

    When you have a schedule that you have agreed to and that works for you, it gives a sense of security. You can anticipate what is likely to come and your fear of what other uncertainty may come your way, is reduced. Your routine can offer a stable ground for you that you can stand on. No surprises. Further, if you add healthy habits that you would like to inculcate into your routine, it can strengthen both your physical and mental well being.

  4. Set aside a ‘ME’ time
    A nourishing activity that you need to start doing, everyday, is to set aside some time just for yourself. Yes, have a ‘ME’ time. No gadgets, no people, no pets. Just you and your good old thoughts, spending some quality time together. This may sound scary, but understand that you cannot keep shutting your thoughts off forever. They are here to stay and you need to come to good terms with each other.

    Moreover, when you start spending time with yourself, to introspect and reflect on your daily happenings, your connection with yourself is strengthened. You can start relying more on yourself, instead of looking outside of you for someone to fall back on. You can be your person.

  5. Try exerting some control
    In whatever way you can, try and exercise some control over your life. Be it decisions you have put out from making for so long, or a resolution that you had earlier failed to keep up with.

    This way, you offer yourself affirmations of how you are still capable of having some control. The chaos and the disorder may be out of your reach. There really isn’t much you can do about them. But take charge of YOUR life. Try to remind yourself that not everything is out of your hands.

  6. Practice kindness
    You can never go wrong with kindness and there is nothing as too much kindness. Be kind every chance you get. Be kind to others around you, be kind to yourself.

    Being kind keeps you happy and elevates your sense of self. You start viewing yourself as a loving person who cares for the people around you. Offer yourself all the kindness and don’t beat yourself up for any failures. Remind yourself that it isn’t entirely your fault things are so out of order, now. Things will get better and even after they do, continue being kind to you.

  7. Detox digitally
    The amount of information that we encounter on a regular basis is too much. Too much to the point that it becomes unhealthy. It is very valid to have a ‘digital cleanse’ or a ‘digital detox’. Similar to when you have a ‘body cleanse’ episode or a juice fast to detoxify, a digital cleanse works the same way for your brain.

    When a majority of the information that you receive, from your social media or the news you read, happens to be negative, it can overload us. Try disconnecting from the outer world for some time. Take a whole day off gadgets. This can enhance your mood and wellbeing in more ways than you’d think.

  8. Include habits for the long term
    Developing a habit and sticking to it, regularly, can make you feel successful. A habit may be anything, including a hobby that you have wanted to take up. The important rule about learning something new, is to not get tired of it as soon as you start and discover that you are not that great at it. You may not be a natural which is why you have to put in consistent efforts into becoming better at it. Besides, you are doing it for the joy it brings to you. It isn’t necessary that you be good at it.

The best habit to induce tranquility is, without a doubt, engaging in physical activities and more importantly meditation. Even if this is the first time in your life you are considering this, don’t be alarmed by it. There are so many sources you can learn from, that teach you so patiently. The LiveLifeApp, is highly recommended if you are looking to start your meditation journey. 

Find similar comforting distractions that are powerful enough to transport you, at least temporarily, from your life to a place you are happy. Have a person you can always talk to, if you need to vent. 

Spending some time in nature can, again, remind you of all the beautiful things that the chaos in your life has masked from you. Go back to that place and appreciate the beauty of nature. Gardening is another hobby that can connect you with the forces of nature directly. It is a nourishing activity that can fill you with purpose and joy.


The interesting thing about humans, though, is that we are innately resilient. Finding our ground after a difficult event, comes naturally to us. You may get there sooner than me and your friend, even sooner than you. But eventually, we all get there. Think of a ship sailing on the ocean. It is surrounded by water, and continues to sail just fine. The problem arises, however, when, even by means of a tiny hole, the water from around starts seeping in. The water can be seen as the negativity and chaos surrounding you. It can be tough to keep what’s going on around you, from affecting you. But that is the only way through. Hold on to hope. The key is to find the strength within you, and to reduce your dependence on external factors for stability. Hold on to your strength from within. Amidst all the chaos and despite it all.

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