Mindfulness at work

8 Easy Tips To Increase Productivity At Work With Mindfulness

I know that a lot of us experience a loss of productivity at work. Like me, are you unable to bring yourself to complete set goals in a limited period? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Low productivity is one of the common problems faced by many, and you experience it too. Now the question is, how does one naturally improve productivity at work?

You can increase productivity at work with mindfulness. Interestingly, a research study found that mindfulness interventions at work are associated with low burnout, increased well-being, and improved productivity. 

Coming to the best part, I made a list of the best mindfulness practices that boost your productivity at work. 

1. Focus On One Task At A Time 

We live in a culture that glamorizes multi-tasking. But, doing a lot of tasks at once is hard and stressful. So, you fizzle out by the end of the day. Also, you would not be able to complete all the tasks efficiently. Therefore, you must focus on one task at a time. As you work in this manner, your productivity at work rises. 

2. Practice Social Media Detox

You can improve focus on work tasks if you go on frequent social media detoxes. Every day you take in an overwhelming amount of information from the online world, which drains your energy. Due to fatigue, your work gets affected. So, you need to disconnect from social media. Be mindful of how much you use your phone. I would suggest you do something every day that has nothing to do with your phone. Maybe, you could go for a walk or have dinner with friends. 

3. Create A Distraction-free Workspace 

Your work-life productivity depends on your ability to stay focused, and you can do that by creating a workspace free of distractions. For example, switch off the notifications on your phone while you work on a project. You can even set a time for replying to messages and emails. As you incorporate mindful practices such as these, your focus improves, and your productivity too. 

4. Begin The Day With Mindfulness

If your workday is hectic, it affects the task performance. So, it is important to calm yourself down even before you reach the office. Yes, please meditate at the start of the day. Even 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation is more than enough to set the tone for the rest of the day. With enough practice, you learn to remain present and be aware of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Eventually, the benefits of mindfulness practices reflect on your work. With an increased ability to focus, you will be able to complete tasks with efficiency. 

5. Practice Writing

We all experience situations such as inability to get done with work, feeling disinterested in work life, unable to meet work deadlines, etc. When you face such situations, it helps to write them down. Writing is one such mindfulness practice that improves awareness of what you feel and think. As a result, you approach your work with clarity and focus. 

6. Organize Your Work 

Most often, we burn out due to poor organization of work. For instance, we put off challenging tasks towards the end of the day. As a result, we might fail to complete the tasks due to less energy. Therefore, you should organize your tasks for the day. For instance, order your work tasks based on complexity. Meaning, make it a point to complete difficult tasks at the beginning of the day when you have good energy levels. In short, be mindful of difficulty levels while organizing tasks in your work schedule. 

7. Remember The Big Picture 

It is common to experience dissatisfaction with your work, and this feeling affects your ability to deliver your best work. Here is a small trick to help you to overcome dissatisfaction: remember the big picture. Initially, this feels tough but trust me, once you remind yourself of your overall priorities, you feel motivated to get the work done. 

8. Schedule Exercise

Physical exercise impacts your mind. Remember to take regular breaks at work to engage in physical exercise. Maybe, you can go for a short walk or throw a ball with a friend. It is important to take time out to exercise because exercise gives you more energy and improves the brain’s mental capacity. Once you exercise, it boosts your productivity at work. 

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